About Me!

Justin is a seasoned IT Security professional with that has worked for both Vendors, and in-house roles. With over 20 plus years experience in IT security, he is a hands on leader. Most recently, Justin has held senior leadership roles with both Pre and Post Sales responsibilities for IT Security vendors in the Asia Pacific Market.

Justin is a technologist at heart. His career is not just a job, but something he is passionate about. From leading teams to help solve complex customer problems, to working on Open Source Projects, Technology is a major part of his life. With a particular focus on different aspects of IT Security, he has built up extensive experience over his lifetime and is always ready for the next big challenge.

Most Recently in Justin's career - he has lead the Technical Field facing functions for Application Security Vendors - Presales and Post Sales responsibilities. As a leader, his approach to managing large teams is "He will only be as successful as his team is" so focuses on enabling the staff under his care to get on with the job with the necessary knowledge, resources, time and rewards to be successful themselves.

To learn more about my professional experience, you can head over to my LinkedIn Profile

Personal Life

Justin currently resides in Singapore, and is a father to 2 boys - who happen to be the most important job of his life so far. Originally a Australian, he has spent over 20 years in Singapore now and jokes around his nationality is "Singstralian".

When not playing the father role, Justin pursues his passion in technology by actively contributing to Open Source. He has developed and maintained some Open Source Projects over the years that have had significant adoptions as well as many "personal projects".

Outside of Technology, Justin was (prior tense thanks to Covid!) addicted to Travel. He has also pursued interests such as obtaining a Bar Tending Certification, or adopting a healthy lifestyle with a focus on Fitness and Healthy eating.