Dear Customers,

After 10+ long years providing web, application and email hosting, Dynamx has decided to move on. Unfortunately, in the highly competitive Web Hosting Market, it is very difficult to continue to offer great services, support and value while remaining competitive price. Over the last several months, we have been exploring ways to continue to offer our services to you while keeping costs reasonable, and we have decided that we need to refocus the business.

As a result, we are decided that we are going to streamline our offerings, and we no longer will be offering basic web, application or email hosting services anymore. Many of our business solutions will remain operational (such as our Content Delivery service, "My-Host", E-Commerce Gateways, and integrated business logic solutions).

If you are a existing Dynamx Customer that is affected by our changes, fear not, our customer service agents should have already contacted you if there are changes to any of your services. We have negotiated with several partners to take over your accounts, and the only changes you should notice will be the company billing you. Our partners have agreed that there will be a price freeze for all the ex-dynamo Customers for at least 3 months.

For those users that took advantage of our free Dynamic DNS services, unfortunately, we no longer will be offering these services. I sincerely apologize to all for any inconvenience caused, but it was beginning to be too troublesome to continue to offer such services. As with the case of such free services, they tend to be abused and we have had many DMCA "take down" notices as well as legal threats from 3rd parties. The cost of defending ourselves while providing a free service was not justifiable.

Dynamx are now working on revamping our solutions and offerings, and have focused on Open Source Solutions for our customers. Stay tuned for updates as we launch our new services shortly, as well as promote the use of Open Source in the enterprise.


Justin Hammond
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